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The our company's product guide

The attachment equipment E-100 series for the organic EL research

The one of the research equipment where this equipment was accumulated of ours so far under the guide of Adachi professor in the Chitose Institute of Science and Technology. It is the attachment equipment which suited the organic EL research to have made a design concept be complete, fusing.

  1. It prepares for a maximum of 8 sources as the standard attachment source and it is possible to attach to the standard 2 source (a maximum of 3 sources) at the same time.
  2. After making an evaporative source the structure to install in the chamber base large-sized flange and supplying equipment
    It is the structure which it is possible to change into the change of the arrangement and the installation of the K cell source and so on easily. It is possible to support flexibly of the change of the research contents.
  3. The chamber is providing a lot of flanges which suited a research.
    Because are equipped with the service flange of the ICF standard and the JIS standard on chamber either side and at the back
    By the glove box and the load lock mechanism and so on and the part of the vacuum of a lot of marketing in addition to connection's being possible It is installed.
  4. Because the exhaust operation is automatic, there is not a wrong operation and anyone can use safely.
  5. Because it is an open chamber before easy-to-use, in addition to that the exchange of the evaporative source is easy, it is the one of the arrival-proof shield.
    It is possible in the easiness of the maintenance and so on.
  6. By the adjuster bolt to consider connection with the other equipment and so on and for the height of the chamber to be special.
    It makes the structure which it is possible to change roughly.
  7. Because are equipped with the turbo molecule pump which is made by Pfeiffer ("BARUZA-SU") with high reliability in the mainly exhaust type
    a clean vacuum is gotten.

The main specification

The specification item The specification
The chamber size The stainless corner type (The front door is made of aluminum).
Width 360 * height 400 * depth 395
The exhaust type The main pulsometer
210L/SEC which is made by turbo molecule pump Pfeiffer ("BARUZA-SU")
With the liquid-nitrogen trap The "Arabiki" coming pump The direct connection type pump which is made by Alcatel
The inner mechanism The basis folder (The motored live turn mechanism is on)
Basis size φ100 maximum about
With the arrival-proof shield
The attachment source Resistance heating attachment source compatible (Not including a port)
The number of the evaporative sources 8 sources
The simultaneous attachment To 2 sources (Dependent on the number of the powers of possible to 3 sources.)
The attachment monitor XTM/2 which is made from Inficon 2 type built-in
(The standard stand can have to 3 types).
The operation The automatic exhaust operation operation
Manual in the attachment operation
The entry power and the other business power AC200V 30A 1 system
The compressed air, cooling water, N2gas, (Liquid-nitrogen)

Remarks : Specified about the standard specification of the above specification by it Confirm a detailed specification with the estimate specification.

The attachment indoor part structure

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