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Low-Energy Inverse Photoemission Spectroscopy

Table of contents

Introduction of LEIPS system LE-1
  1. LEIPS
  2. What is LEIPS?
  3. LE-1 basic structure of measurement
  4. LE-1 Features

Introduction of LEIPS system

1. LEIPS(Low-Energy Inverse Photoemission Spectroscopy)

It is equally important to know correct value of the LUMO level (electronic conduction) and the HOMO level (hole conduction) for development, the performance improvement of the organic semiconductor.
But there was no appropriate method available to measure the LUMO levels accurately.


Professor of Chiba University Hiroyuki Yoshida (formerly professor of Kyoto University) newly developed the method to measure of highly precise LUMO level.
ALS Technology Co.,Ltd. concluded "an license agreement contract" for the intellectual property of LEIPS between Kyoto University and manufactured it as LE-1 on April, 2015.

Reference: [1]H.Yoshida,Chem.Phys.Lett.539-540,180(2012)

LEIPS system LE-1
LEIPS system LE-1

2. What is LEIPS?

Principle of LEIPS is theoretically based on IPES (Inverse Photoemission Spectroscopy).
In principle, IPES is superior to measure the light emission hv when electrons is relieved in the LUMO levels directly.
But the problems are...
By decreasing the electron kinetic energy below 5eV, the emitting photons can be analyzed in the near ultraviolet range.

3. LE-1 basic structure of measurement

LE-1 basic structure of measurement
After entering the measurement parameters and then starting the measurement, the sample current spectrum and the LEIPS spectrum can be measured automatically.
The automatic measurement is possible repeatedly, too.
The vacuum level and the electron affinity can be easily obtained through the calculation on the measurement result with simple operation.

4. LE-1 Features

LEIPS Features 1

LEIPS Features 2


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