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Corporate profile

Corporate profile
The company name ALS Technology Co., Ltd.
The foundation April 1st in 2000
The establishment October 19th in 2001
The capital 20,000,000 yen
The executive
Managing director Shoichi Aoshima
The director Toshiko Ishikawa
The director Hideki Aoshima
The auditor Atsumi Ishikawa
The location Zip Code 252-0243
2179-2, Kamimizo, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa, JAPAN
TEL (+81) 42-713-3018
The fax (+81) 42-713-3019

The purpose of the establishment

We established that we should provide the high equipment of the customer satisfaction as the company which does vacuum equipment for the research to use at the university laboratory and the laboratory of the general company in the manufacturing and sales.
It utilizes the design technique, the film process technology of the vacuum technology that we accumulated so far and so on sufficiently and we do best equipment in the design and production from the view point of the using researcher.

The vacuum equipment is the product which is more expensive than the general consumer goods of the home electric appliance and so on from the characteristic. We do the following effort to provide high quality equipment and a part with high reliability for you inexpensively.

1. In the specification of the customer, after doing the exchange of views which is enough to do origin, we design for which all vacuum equipment is the optimal.
2. We treats widely from one vacuum part to the highly efficient vacuum equipment and we support everybody's needs widely.
3. It researches actively, it gathers the better vacuum part in the global viewpoint and we use it for the equipment.B
4. Because the customer effectively uses the vacuum equipment of the durability, the advanced technology helps with the manufacturing of the vacuum part and the equipment which becomes necessary to consult on reorganization, to manufacture it.
5. According to the budget, it maintains a performance and moreover it attempts for the price to reduce by the remodeling of used equipment, the use of the used unit and so on.

The description of business

1. The manufacturing and sales of the vacuum equipment for the research

The sale of the vacuum part
2. The remodeling of vacuum equipment
3. The maintenance service of the vacuum equipment
4. The remodeling and the sale of the used vacuum equipment
5. The import agency
The history
April, 2000 It founds as the sole corporation Advanced Laboratory System.
It begins the manufacturing and sales of the vacuum equipment and so on.
May, 2000 It establishes at the office in the Mitaka City Sanritsu SOHO center.
June, 2001 It delivers an organic EL equipment E-100 series No. 1 number machine to the Chitose Institute of Science and Technology.
October, 2001 The limited company ALS technology establishment
December, 2001 It gets authorization of the instrument tool quotient and it begins the handling of the used vacuum equipment.
(Number of 308930205121th of the Tokyo Public Safety Commission instrument tool quotient permission)
June, 2002 It moves an office to the Mitaka industry plaza.
July, 2002 It develops organic EL raw material purge equipment by the Mitaka City studies and development grant.
It ships a No. 1 machine.
August, 2002 It delivers an organic EL equipment 2 room specification E-200 series No. 1 number machine.
October, 2002 Of the national university and so on bid qualification "all the Ministry unification qualifications" acquisition
January, 2004 The bid qualification acquisition of Riken Institute of Physical and Chemical Research style
February, 2004 It reorganizes in ALS Technology Co., Ltd. from The limited company ALS technology.
March, 2004 AJA The sales conclusion of a contract in Japan of the International (American Boston) product
(The Inc. universal systems Inc. takes charge of the Japan sale exclusive agent in the company).
March, 2004 The sales conclusion of a contract in Japan of the R.D.Mathis (American Los Angeles) product

The founder brief summary of career
April, 1969 He joins NEC Varian Inc. (being Canon ANELVA Corporation at present).

He engaged in the development of the vacuum equipment for the research and so on as the technical manager of the studies and development equipment department.
He engaged in the promotion of the joint research with the university and so on, the new technology introduction as the general manager in the sales technical department.
June, 1999 He leaves ANELVA Corporation to found us.

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